Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

It seemed like 2016 took forever.  Last year was not a good year.  One of the blessing I count is only being out of work for two weeks.  The first job might not have been a good situation and thankfully I landed at a good company and a job I am really enjoying in August.  I let taking care of me fall by the wayside during the first job because it was bringing me down so much.  I became a bump on a log when I got home from work and might get in one workout a week.  Not having to drive by the gym on the way home didn't give me much motivation to go even when the bag was in the Jeep.  I am still working to get out of that funk.  I have gotten better with workouts and even considering maybe quitting the gym this year to do workouts at home.
The thing I am proudest of doing in 2016 is walking the St. Jude 5k last month.  I might not have hit my fundraising goal (came up short $45).  Since I graduated college I have donated money each year to St. Jude no matter how little I could come up with.  Having my college roomie's son go through treatment there in the last year inspired me to do the walk.  It took me 55 minutes to do it.  And the pictures I got emailed from the race after wards I looked so bad it has inspired me to kick my butt back in gear.  Will I walk it again I don't know.  It is inspiring to see the number of people out there and the kids but that wake up call at 4:15 was hard along with the cold.
I entered a Skinny Mom contest.  I entered it because I wanted to win one of the cookbooks.  Instead  I won a huge box full of items.  My favorite item is the water bottle diffuser.  I also won a nutribullet. So any smoothie recipes to share that do not include bananas.  There were some healthy snacks in the box which I will take to the office.  Really nice pair of running capris in a size I will probably never see again.  I got a 4 pack of Tracy Anderson DVDs.  Who has tried her workouts?  Are they hard?

January Goals

**  Three workouts a week.

**  One strength workout a week.

**  Work on organizing my home office.

**  Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

My reward for hitting my goals is the Skinny Mom Cookbook.

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