Monday, August 1, 2016

Being Honest

It is no secret that I have been working hard on getting back into shape over the last several years.  Weight issues are not something I ever had to deal with until my early 30s.  I suddenly started to put some weight on fast after losing a good bit.  The more weight I have put on the less I want to go out in public.  For several years I kept having my thyroid checked (issues run in my family) because I knew something was wrong but it kept coming back in the normal range.  I was told to lose weight.  Not only did I gain weight but I started having acne and was so exhausted.  I finally got someone to listen to me after almost five years.  And it turns out that I have PCOS.  So at least I know what my issue is though I still am not sure that I don't have some thyroid issues.  Now to just try and get in control and that is the hard part for me.  One of the recommended ways to eat is like a diabetic.  Ugh!  I love bread and sweets.  I got really good at it last year and lost 14 pounds which was huge and then the end of the year happened. The stress of losing my job and the stability of my life got to me and I quit eating well and working out.  Losing Nanny the week before Thanksgiving did not help.  I decided to start the year off on a better foot and did not so well at that.  

I went to the Think Pink luncheon with S and Mrs. P.  I have sat and cried a couple times after seeing this picture.  I can't believe how huge I am now.  It kicked my butt into gear for a bit but the job has gotten me down.  It drains me so much I don't have the energy to do anything but crash when I get home.  My eating is still pretty good but without exercise nothing is going to change much.  
I am looking for a new job that is not so draining because no job is going not drain you some on occasion.  It is time to make me more important.  

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