Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Goals

Wow!  Where is the year going?  This year has been such a blur.  I feel like I have not accomplished anything yet.  The third month of the year seems as good as any to start getting serious.

March Goals

**  Finish G-man's project.  

** 5 workouts a week.

**  Two morning workouts a week.

**  Read 3 books.  

**  Do one thing for myself.

February Goals

**  Five workouts a week.

Yeah only happened one week.  The joy of being sick for almost two weeks.

**  Read 5 books.

Nope didn't make it with this one either.  I slept to much.

**  Make an ornament.

I don't have 12 people to make one for so no big deal to skip a month.  

**  One thing for myself.

Does going to the doctor count while sick?  


  1. Your goals are great but they make me tired, girlfriend! I am glad to be back in blogland and can't wait to catch up with the world!

  2. I can't believe it is March either! Crazy fast year already!