Sunday, February 14, 2016

February Goals

Last month went okay.  I did well the first two weeks hitting my workouts and then getting into any kind of schedule was rough after starting the new job.  Who knew having extra time to sleep would throw me so out of whack?  Okay I have still been getting up 15 minutes from before.  I need to start doing some short workouts in the morning.  Below are my goals even if it is halfway through the month.  

February Goals

**  Five workouts a week.

**  Read 5 books.

**  Make an ornament.

**  One thing for myself.

January Goals

**  Job Hunt.

Got a job and started 1/18.

**  5 workouts a week.

Hit or miss for half the month.  

**  Make one ornament.

This was done quickly.

**  Read 5 books.

Only got two read.  

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  1. My goal is to read 1 book per week. That lasted in January until I got hit by a nasty bug for 2 weeks in February so I'm behind. I finally started reading last night so I hope to finish one short book this week then start a longer book next. I hope you are able to complete your goals!