Monday, July 13, 2015

July Goals

I am late posting my goals for the month.  I had them all written out in my planner just have not gotten around to blogging.

July Goals

** Five workouts a week.
** Two morning workouts a week.
** Read three books
** Hang pictures in the office. 
** Take a chalk painting class.

So how did last month go?

June Goals

**  Complete the 21 days arm challenge.

I did this one.  I never got past the three pound weights though.

** Complete the JessicaSmithTV 5 mile challenge.

I did this one too.  I got in 119 miles for the month.  I was slacking the last week due to a lot of overtime.

 ** Read 3 books. 

Only read two.  But I made up for that over the Fourth.

 ** Buy my diploma frame.  I want to finally hang the pictures in my office.  My crest will be ready to pick up from Michael's this weekend.

So hanging pictures didn't happens since i didn't buy the diploma frame until the end of the month and it has not arrived yet. I am so hoping it arrives by the end of July.

**  More job hunting.  

Yep did a bit of this.  I have not found a new one yet but know the right one will come along. 

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