Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April Goals

I am a little behind on posing my goals for April mainly because I have been struggling coming up with what I want them to be this month.  So many other things have happened at the end of last month that seemed to have overshadowed thoughts of goals.
I can say that I weighed in over the weekend.  Yes, I am late with that too.  And I lost back the 3.1 pounds I gained in February and another half inch off my waist.  My clothes are fitting loser and I have gotten back into a couple shirts.  But I thought there would be some off my hips too since my pants are getting loser.

April Goals

** Hit the gym three days a week.

** Do three videos a week.

**  Apply for at least one job a week. (more on this later)

**  Pick one healthy recipe to try.  

So last month went like this:

March Goals

**  Hit the gym 3 times a week.

This I did.  It felt so great to get back on the treadmill and elliptical.  While I have loved the videos I have been doing it was nice to have some straight cardio.

**  Do three videos a week.  

This has become an easy one to complete but much needed because it is the main way I get in any strength workouts.

**  Eat out once a week or less.

I was worried that I would get out of control with this once January was over and am glad I am keeping it in control.  

**  Finish an ornament I didn't finish last year.

I did this one.  I have one more to finish from last year.

**  Clean out my dresser.  

I finished this one.  Now to get all the items donated.

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  1. Woot on the weight loss! With the job search, are you looking to stay in the same area that you live now?