Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hold the ice

The arctic weather has hit my area.  We heard at the end of the week to expect ice Sunday night into Monday.  The biggest reaction around the office was that sucks as we are already off.  


Well it turns out the weatherman weren't wrong this time.  We got freezing rain and sleet.  The above is what the Jeep looked like around 7:30 Monday morning.  

This is around 11 and about a hour before it finally stopped.  I had gone out the the Jeep to pry open the door in case I lost power so I could get in and get warm.  

It was way to icy to get out of the driveway yesterday so I worked from home.  This was the best foot warmer is so much better than the space heater under my desk.  

To top this off we got a dusty of snow overnight.  But not enough to keep us home today.  The sad part is the weathermen are talking more icy stuff Friday.  UGH!! 

Stay warm and safe!!! 

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  1. The kids are out of school today because it is supposed to roll in around noon. Then tomorrow is supposed to be 60 degrees. Bananas! Stay safe, Ruth!