Sunday, October 5, 2014

It Isn't A Dream

I haven't stopped smiling since the time clock on the Ole Miss and Bama game hit 0:00 and the final score on the board was 23-17.  Yes my Rebels beat the topped ranked team in the nation.  
I did have to check and make sure it wasn't a dream this morning.  Thanks to the Commercial Appeal for confirming it.

Not only did we beat Bama but we hosted ESPN Game day for the first time ever.  Don't the guys look cute in their bow ties?  But why didn't someone tell Lee that seersucker is for summer and not to wear it in October (1).

The fans got really excited and both goal posts came down and went on a tour of The Grove and The Square.  There is a video out there of someone surfing on a piece through The Grove (2).

There they go to The Square.  I worked that that Abner's they are going by at four corners.  And across the street is the Chevron station with the famous chicken on the stick (3).

We are truly blessed that we have such an amazing AD with a sense of humor now.   He is also asking those who helped take them down donate some to help with the fines and replacement.  

I don't know about the rest of the Rebel family but I was on pins and needles waiting on the standings to come out today.  Well worth the wait we are ranked #3 in the nation.  

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