Monday, August 18, 2014

Graceland Too

In Holly Springs there is a place called Greaceland Too.  It was run by a man, Paul Macleod, who was obsessed with all things Elvis.  Paul died in July at the age of 70.   Paul kept anything he found with Elvis on it and opened his home up to tours 24 hours a day.  It was a favorite destination for Ole Miss students in the middle of the night.  S went so many times she earned her lifetime membership card and didn't have to pay to tour anymore.  Two weeks ago they opened the home up to tours during a memorial weekend so we all went down which was only my second visit.  

Here is a little taste of what you might see when Paul was still alive.

Paul always took a group picture of his visitors and the first time I went he was able to find one of S's last ones. 

The boys were full of energy.

While we waited the boys played with my camera.

The record room.  

The boys watching a video of Paul giving a tour.  H declared that he didn't like the show.

I am not sure which of the boys took this picture of S and I.

Another tradition was to take a picture in a leather jacket.

I didn't realize until we were inside for the tour that there was no air conditioning.  So putting on the jacket made me sweat even more.

** video from Youtube


  1. OMgosh, too cool. My mom would LOVE this....
    she once got kicked out of an Elvis concert when I was a baby for getting on the stage!!!!

  2. I have never heard of this place - interesting!!