Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Goals

I did well in May with my goals.  I say well because I never made it inside of the gym the whole month.  I really need to work on that this month.  I really don't have much of an excuse since classes ended on the 9th.    I managed to pull out a B in my class.  
I learned a lot by completing the Jessica Smith 30 days in May challenge.  I learned that yoga makes me sleepy and that isn't good when one of the workouts includes weights.  I also learned how uncoordinated I really am doing the kick boxing workout.  

June Goals

** Two morning workouts a week.

**  Two days in the gym a week.

** Two videos a week.

** Try two new recipes

**  Finish one cross stitch project

** Complete the 30 day thigh challenge.  

Anyone want to join me in the challenge?

I hope I can hit all of these goals.  I decided to buy the PacMan Wii game for my reward.  


  1. Pac Man would be a great reward for any goal. That, or Centipede! Good going on your plan.