Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow day

We finally got a snow day.  More like a sleet, ice and snow day.  Our area has had a threat several times this winter and then got nothing.  I wasn't taking the weather guys seriously this time.  Turns out they were right.  My power started going on and off around 3:00 and then finally stayed off at 6:00.  Thankfully the Entergy crews were on top of it and got it back up today and before it got to cold in the house.

This was around 7 this morning.  
I went out to the Jeep at one point to warm up and charge the phone for a bit.  

I took this one at 3:30 after a nap.  You can't tell but it is still snowing at this point.  
The bad part is that classes were cancelled tonight so my test for this week has been postponed until the Monday after Spring Break.  

You know Belle got cold while she was outside tonight when she let me wrap her in blankets.


  1. Snow days alone aren't so bad, but if you don't have electricity and heat, it can be so dangerous! Hope the cold ends soon and you are nice and warm in the blink of an eye! Snuggle with little pup. That's what they are for!

  2. Aww look at Belle all bundled up! It totally missed us this time but the TN relatives were hit pretty good.