Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am have started to feel overwhelmed lately.  There has been a lot going on in the last couple of months.  At the end of the month I will have owned my home for ten years and have started realizing the list of things that need to be updated or worked on since last fall.  Well one for even longer, the outside of the house is already in need of being painted.  I was hoping to get that done this year but it is not looking so positive on that side.  I had a few expenses pop up in the fall for my Jeep that took away a good bit of what I was saving to put towards that project.  Who knows maybe I can make it happen by the fall but am not feeling very positive about that happening.  Back in the fall I noticed that the storage room door seemed a little loose and thought okay I will tighten the screws.  Yeah I went to do that and the doorknob fell off there went the motivation to work on it that day and said I would take care of it when I bought another doorknob (yep couldn't' find the screws anywhere) and then never did anything about either.  Big mistake as when I went outside Saturday afternoon with Belle I noticed the door was on the ground.  Just great the door came off the hinges and putting it back up on my own is just not ever going to happen.  I feel like the list is just growing as the hot water heater is taking longer to heat up.  I am so hoping that it is not going out.  I did what my father said and ran the water and then went out to see if the pipe coming out got warm and they do.  Fingers crossed it isn't going out.
I feel like I am drowning in nothing but to do lists as of late.  Between all the household chores and school I don't know the last time I had any fun.  I am determined not to give up my girls weekend this month.  But once those two days are over it is back to a reality full of responsibilities.
It just is not the household responsibilities.  I finally got some answers to some of the health issues I have been having for a couple of years and it is great to finally have answers.   No worries it is not anything life threatening just something that I have to learn to maintain.
I have trouble asking for help.  Not that I would know what it is anyone can help me with at this point.  I have to be the one here to deal with any home repairs but there lies one of the problems the time to be home and deal with any of it.
There have been many nights lately where I just want to sit on my couch and cry because I feel so overwhelmed with all the responsibilities on my plate.  But then I feel like such an idiot for feeling that way.  It is time to think of what I can take off my plate.  I just have to figure out what those items or item will be.  But something has to give so I don't feel so overwhelmed and stressed.


  1. I feel overwhelmed reading this girl. Its like when it rains it pours. Seems like when one things goes wrong then it all goes wrong and at the worse times. Glad to know the health issues are not serious. Just remember this will pass. I think when the weather starts to warm up and the sun comes out it will get better I sure hope so

  2. I am sorry, friend. I know the feeling. I have had some huge work weeks lately and it is stressful. Can you call a handyman service to work on some of these projects? I know that they can be pricey.

  3. Thinking of you. This was the way I felt right before we listed our house. TOTAL CHAOS and overwhelming tasks. I tried to prioritize the list and break it down into manageable lists. ASK FOR HELP! People want to help. It makes them feel good!!

  4. So sorry, Ruth! I know how overwhelming it can seem when everything happens at once - it can really bring you down! I hope things will look brighter soon as Spring is here. Owning a home is so much work. I told my Mother it must have seemed like a relief on some level that hers burned to the ground. I know that sounds weird, but things are just too much sometimes!