Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New York City

I spent last week on a business trip to our home office in Danbury, CT.  Thursday night a couple co-workers took myself and the co-worker traveling with me into New York City.  It would be the coldest night of our trip but our thought before going is we could sleep on the plane on the way home instead of being half asleep for meetings.

Random shot down Times Square

The best shot of the ball I could get.

Myself and my co-worker in front of the American flag.  Totally her idea.

It was cold so we didn't walk to far.  I loved exploring this 3 story Toys R Us.

I wish they had a sign saying how long and how many people it took to build some of the items with legos on display.

And because those nephews are into superheros at this moment.  

The pictures of Grand Central Station did not turn out well.  Boo!!  We ate at Carmine's which had some amazing Italian food.  We even found an outlet to recharge our cellphones while waiting.

I am glad we went into the city even if my teeth were chattering by the time we got back to Grand Central Station for the trip home.  


  1. How awesome-I love NYC! That is a great work trip.

  2. Yes, it's cold up here, but so worth the trip in to the city! I live 50 miles south and hardly ever go...I'm so jealous!