Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby Gifts

One of my goals this year was to reduce my stress level.  One thing I find relaxing is cross stitching.  So I went looking for a new project to start instead of finishing the three I already had started.  While looking at my Precious Moments books I got the idea to make gifts for my cousins who are set to have babies this year (one has arrived).  It took me a little more than a month to make both.  Then I had to go to Jo-Ann's to find the board to frame them.  
Once I had the frames and board I laid out each project with the matting and board to get each piece center them.  

It was hard to find cute ones for little boys.  Thankfully our family is full of dog lovers.

Once they were centered I pulled off the paper and pressed the cross stitch onto it.  After doing that I hot glued the extra onto the back of the board.  

After seeing both of these framed and next to each other I decided my aunt needed one of her own.  The cousins are sisters and these are the first grandchildren.  

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