Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A happy memory

Every this picture pops up in my feed on Pinterest.

I can't help to think this cute little girl looks like a Madame Alexander doll.

I had several growing up.  One of my great grandfathers sent money for my mother and my aunt (I assume their cousins too) money to buy the great-grandchildren presents.  My mother put the money on several Madame Alexander dolls once I hit age six.

I loved blue even as a small kid.

I always dreamed of having Romeo to go with Juliet.  Sadly that didn't ever happen.  I kept these on my dresser until I was in the eighth grade and then got them back out in college.  Sadly that was probably a big mistake as they were some of the items that were taken during a break in at  my parents house my senior year of college.
Every blue moon I check on Ebay to see if I can find ones similar to the three that I had.  I have not found the ones like I had in my price range with their tags still with them.  Yes I am picky as mine had their tags still on their wrists and kept in covers.  But I have found a Scarlett O'Hara, she will have to make up for the generic southern belle one I had.  And I also splurged some bonus money on a set of Cleopatra and Mark Antony set.


  1. I collected Effanbee dolls and when I went to college my mom stored them in a closet. Unfortunately, the closet backed up to the bathroom and the moisture ruined all of their clothes. I am still upset about it.

  2. That's so sad about your dolls being stolen. I hate mean dishonest people so much!
    I have a doll collection from when my grandparents would travel. I used to look at those dolls for hours.

  3. My sister had some of those! They burned in my Mother's house fire. :-(

  4. I'm so sorry to hear they were stolen! That's the worst feeling knowing someone invaded your space and stole your sweet items!

    Here's hoping you are able to find them on ebay one day...


  5. I had a few of these dolls from childhood, too, and I LOVED them! I hate that someone stole yours :(. Mine were left in my dad's basement and I never got them back after his death. I so wish I still had them. Like yours, they still had tags and were kept in cases. I just love taking little walks down memory lane