Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Goals

This year didn't get off to a great start.  I got a nasty sinus infection the first week of January.   So I spent that week at least achieving the goal of doing something for myself.  I slept a lot and started a new cross stitch project.  I am not counting the fact I couldn't workout for a week against me, which means I hit my goals and earned a reward.  I decided that I would by the latest book in the Stephanie Plum series.  How has everyone else done with their goals so far?

February Goals

**  3 cardio workouts a week.

**  2 strength workouts a week.

** Complete the Fab Ab February challenge.

**  One thing for myself a week.

I have been trying to decide all weekend what my reward will be for hitting my goals.  I can't decide between a new ITunes gift card or a new pair of earrings.  


  1. I vote earrings! - Unless the itunes card will be used for something fun to dance to. Hmm. decisions. At least you get a reward! Awesome!

  2. I vote earrings. New accessories add a pep to the step :)