Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day Dreaming

What is a person to do during their lunch hour when the high outside is 25º?  You plan your dream graduation trip or at least that is what I did today.  It is at least another year before I get to graduate with this degree but a girl has the right to dream.  You would think these icy temps would have me looking at beach locations but not me.  

I have dreamed of going to Greece for several years.  I wanted to see all the ancient ruins in Athens.  

But after watching the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (don't judge) adding Santorini to that list.  

Who wouldn't want some of these views added to some history lessons?

A second would be Scotland.
I was playing around on the European Destinations website and they have a package labeled Whiskey and Castles.  Sign me up!  

A good tie in or alone to Scotland would be Ireland.

Every picture I see is so beautiful.  

And while we are exploring Europe let's add in Italy.
I picked Venice.

and Rome.

The one place I have dreamed of going since age 11 is Egypt.  But facing reality it is not the safest of places to visit.  But I still looked into a trip.  

I better start saving now if any of these is to become a reality.

**All pictures from Google search


  1. Yes! Go to Rome!! Anything in Italy is a yes in my book.

  2. I liked Rome, but I would DIE to go to Venice, so beautiful and unique. And girl, you aren't alone in adding Santorini to your bucket list after seeing Traveling Pants, that movie made me not only want to visit there but also BE Greek haha.

  3. I've wanted to go to Santorini since my mom's old boss and his wife honeymooned there in like the 90s and I saw the pictures. Obsessed. Let's plan a joint graduation trip! ;)

  4. All those places are on my travel wishlist too! My parents have been to Greece and Italy without me multiple times.

  5. I've always wanted to visit Santorini, too!

  6. FYI - Gate 1 Travel has AWESOME deals on vacays. We used them to go to Ireland and our wine vacay to Cali. It's unbelievably cheapsters!