Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Round Up

It does not seem possible that another year has come and gone.  It all is a blur.  

** I made it through a full year of school with two As and one B.  I am almost halfway through this degree.

** I did better with my workouts but still not as well as I could have been.  I need to quit making excuses and just put in the work.  I already know I feel better when I get them in.

**  I finally attended an Ole Miss bowl game.  

**  I had no vacation this year other than the one night for the bowl game and one night for a mini family reunion.   I need to work on at least a weekend this year.

**  I bought my first laptop this year.  I still love my Macbook.  

**  I didn't give up something I really wanted when unexpected expenses happened.  That would be the first thing I do normally.  I worked hard saving this year for the blue champagne flute and didn't put it aside.  


  1. Let's get a trip planned for 2014 - maybe even live on the wild side and plan TWO small weekend trips! And good for you for sticking with getting the flute. You earned it!