Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Water Tower

Another year if hard work is done.   Water Tower Festival was over the weekend.  I think everything went smoothly.  M & I handled beer & ice sales again this year.  I could hardly move Sunday I was so sore.

A shot of Ingram Hill on stage Saturday night.  This year I got close to one of the acts.  Two of us got sent to pick up the dinner for Ingram Hill with one minor glitch we managed to accomplish that task.  And I saw Justin Moore signing posters when I went into the office for something.  

A shot of Dustin Lynch.  A friends teenage daughter had declared he is her future husband and got lucky enough to meet him but then decided in all her excitement he should be mine.  

One of the local food trucks, Gourmet Grillers, was at the festival this weekend and M made friends with them.  They gave us a sampler plate for our lunch.  They have a sandwich that is pulled pork with macaroni and cheese.  I was surprised it was good but not something I would eat a whole sandwich but I did fall in love with one of the other ones we chose.  L & I had eyed the Krispy Kreme bread pudding and decided to make a date to split an order around 8:30 for the sugar rush to help survive the rest of the night.  It was very melt in your mouth good.  

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  1. How fun! Did you do this with your sorority alum group? The Krispy Kreme pudding sounds ah-maz-ing!