Monday, October 21, 2013

Football Weekend

I went down to God's country, Oxford, to see my beloved Rebels take on LSU over the weekend.   R and her daughter little Miss T came and spent the weekend with me.  We had a slumber party Friday night.

Little Miss T took over my office.  

Wishing a sweet sister, Texie, a Happy Birthday

I love getting to see sisters I rarely see.  BLG on the far left is pregnant with a ZTA legacy.  

Great minds think a like.  I believe someone called us the gingham squad.

There are some creative fans in the Grove.  

A shot of the crowd headed to the stadium.  

The Rebels running onto the field.  

Miss T got a little cold during the game.  

I checked the score when I got up Sunday morning.  I wanted to make sure I didn't dream the Rebels beating the LSU Tigers.

It was a great weekend with friends and topped off with a Rebel win.

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