Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thoughts on Game Day

I admit I didn't watch that many games Saturday as so many of the SEC teams were playing at the same time.  I did some flipping during the afternoon games and would check on the other three teams during our commercial breaks.

**  To the Texas Longhorn Network I surprisingly enjoyed your broadcast.  I figured that you would be bias the whole game but you were pretty fair and very complimentary of our Rebels.  Oh and I love that whole line showing where the teams need to be for a field goal.

**  There are some Refs out there with common sense.  Somehow during the Arkansas and Southern Miss game a Golden Eagle player had his chin strap caught in a Razorback jersey.  Instead of enforcing the rule that you have to sit out a play if your helmet is off on the field you let him continue to play when the helmet was separated.

**  There was no doubt during the Bama game the Refs were for Texas A & M.  There was no way Clinton-Dix was intentionally targeting the Aggie player.  Thanks to the booth guys for not enforcing his ejection from the game.  

**  To the Aggie player who threw the Fins Up sign you obviously don't know anything about your fellow SEC teams or you are regretting not choosing the better school.  

**    The Rebels are now 3-0.  The first time since 1989.  


  1. The whole fins up sign is ours! That was annoying but hey, maybe he was jealous. There were so many games on yesterday it was crazy but that is why I love this time of year. Hotty Toddy!

  2. Your thoughts perfectly echo the ones we were having yesterday! It was a wild football day amd we are so, so, so happy for our Rebels! Hotty Damn Toddy, y'all!