Thursday, September 19, 2013

I did it!!! I did it!!!

I DID IT!!! 

I started putting stones in a jar for each workout I did last year (idea for it).  Last year I never finished going through the bag of stones.  I am not proud of not accomplishing that goal last year.  But I can proudly say that tonight I put in the last stone from the bag.  I would jump for joy but my legs are sore this week.  

I counted the stones before I put them back in the bag.  The total is 214 workouts for the year.  I will have to remember to count the stones I put in between tomorrow until the end of the year.  Now to figure out what I should do with the fun money.  


  1. That's so fabulous!! I am so excited for you! And totally impressed. Way to go, Ruth! You're such an inspiration.


  2. Awesome!! You should be sonproud of yourself. Yesterday I started a similar syatem but two jars with pounds to lose, then I move them over to pounds lost.

  3. congratulations! that is awesome!