Monday, September 23, 2013

A Few Ramblings

**  It would be easier to tell if a player is out of bounds in football if they would ban all white shoes.  They blend in with the lines and make it hard to tell at times if someone is out or not.

** I already know one I am making one of my goals for next year is to travel to one Ole Miss game.  

**  A new Ulta opened in the area and I won a free blowout on opening day.  Now to figure out when to use it.  

**  My class this semester is pretty boring.  

**  The Enmy's picked 5 people who really impacted TV to honor separately in the memoroum part and they selected Cory Monteith over Larry Hagman. Really? Larry had a bigger impact. 

** My cousin is going to have a part in this week's Criminal Minds episode.  I am so excited for him.  He is out in LA living and working towards his dreams.

**  I have a new line for Luke Bryan to add to his song Rain is A Goid Thing.  It is rain is a good thing because it washes away the pollen.  My allergies started to acting up yesterday and I am so happy to see the rain today. 

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  1. Hi Ruth, do you only do the home games? We are hoping to come to one of the home games if we can find a minute to do so. Love the new fall look on your blog.