Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Goals

The first half of the year has flown by. I have done well with hitting my goals so far this year though doing a fitness challenge the last two months has really helped me stay on track with all my workouts and it makes me feel so great to finish one because I sure didn't see myself finishing the squat challenge.  I have not seen a whole lot of changes like I was hoping with all the workouts but I know I am getting there even if it is way slower than I wish.   I measured my biceps before starting the Tank Top Arms workouts and sadly there was no change in the measurement but they do feel stronger.  

July Goals

**  4 cardio workouts a week.  I also want to increase from 30 minutes to 45 minutes a couple days a week.

**  Monthly fitness challenge.  I still haven't decided which one yet and need to do that tonight.

**  Have all my papers finished for class by the 15th.

**  Clean up my home office as I have started to let things just pile up in there recently.

How are y'all doing with your goals for 2013?  

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