Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunset on the Square

One of my favorite parts of the summer is the free concerts that pop up.  Each Thursday night in June there are free ones on the courthouse square.  It is a fun family night with free music and some food vendors out there selling dinner if you didn't pack your own.  Though I was a little sad that Scotty's wasn't selling their BBQ egg rolls as those things are wonderful.

Someone might have brought a couple things of bubbles for her little nephews.  It took less than five minutes for the first bottle to be spilled and a minor breakdown over the fact he was covered in bubbles.  

We had to keep reminding G to blow softly so he could get bubbles out.  

I don't think H realized that he was on a date with kk but that is what she had in her sweet little head.  This was the longest I have seen these three ever sit still.

H is determined to climb the trees on the courthouse square.  

kk showing off how she can do the splits.  


  1. I love nighttime outdoor summer concerts!

  2. I wish my town had night time outdoor concerts...sounds like so much fun! xx

  3. HOpe you are well. We have some of those concerts, too and I need to make a point to go.