Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Goals

We are close to the halfway mark for the year, how did that happen?  I have done pretty well with the goals I have been setting this year.  I didn't get my goal of cleaning out the flower beds completed but I got a start on it and realized that now that it is getting hot this probably will be put on hold until the fall now and hopefully then when I take a couple days off it won't rain the whole weekend and I can get the work done.  I don't feel bad about it because I did do some towards it and they are looking better.  I didn't get much done toward my cross-stitch project but I did work on it a couple hours.  I am really proud that I actually completed the 30 day squat challenge.  I really thought I would end up quitting when it got close to 200 squats in a day.  I lost a quarter inch off my hips.

June Goals

**  I talked Beth into do a challenge with me next month.  My goal is to do the

Tank top arms work out 3 times a week.

**  Do Cardio 4 times a week.  

**  Go to the live play that is required for my music class.

**  work on organizing my jewelry.  

** continue to pack my lunch 4 days a week.

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  1. I cannot believe that the year is almost half over! You just blew my mind.