Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jewelry Organization

In the last couple of years I have grown my jewelry collection.  It had started to get out of control.  I had items in a jewelry box and two drawers of my dresser.  One drawer was getting out of control with items pretty much just thrown into it.  I got inspired while organizing the vanity to work on doing something about my jewelry too.

I bought some quilting fabric from Wal-Mart 

And the bins from Lowe's I used in the vanity organization project.

I pulled out my hot glue gun and cut the fabric up into pieces. 
Granted the pieces weren't very uniform and the first one I went to cut I just laid the fabric over the top not thinking about the extra needed to actually wrap the area.  Way to go me!  Thankfully that screw up wasn't so bad as I started with the largest bin and that piece worked to cover two of the smallest.

I loved that the fabric isn't just one pattern.  

See I told y'all it was getting out of control.

I fit in as many pieces as I could.  

This has made getting ready in the morning so much easier.  


  1. Love this idea! I'm always struggling with how to reorganize my jewelry, but I love how this is open so you can see everything!

  2. So cute! I love the idea of lining the bins with cute, soft fabric.


  3. That looks amazing! I love the fabric patterns!

  4. What a great and cute idea! Love it!