Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunset Symphony 2013

One of my favorite parts of living in the Memphis area is the last night of the whole Memphis In May celebration, Sunset Symphony.    This year it was only the symphony playing and we got out a lot earlier because they didn't play as long, so happy about that.  This year besides S and her family we had the families of two of the little boys on H's tball team.  It was a lot of little kids.  But they had so much fun and it really can put a smile on your face watching the kiddos having so much fun. 

It would be fun to enjoy it from a boat but that would have to be adults only.  Or we could have a kiddo overboard.  

Some parent was smart enough to bring bubbles.  G was having a blast with them.  

I got one good shot of H.

A & Z with the youngest in our group N.  A had the right idea with the umbrella, it was really hot when we first got out there.  

More fun with bubbles for little A and Miss E.  

Being the smallest didn't stop N from jumping in on the pile up game going on.

The boys were having fun piling up on each other over and over again.

H asked to see my camera to take a picture during the air show.  I don't think he realized the camera was not facing up.  Ai then asked if he could take a picture of me.  He got a picture of just my chest so I am not going to post that.  

It was a great evening with friends.  I am glad we had some new folks join us this year.  It sure made it more fun for H & G.  And a surprising drink combination we found, lemonade and mandarin orange vodka.