Friday, May 3, 2013

May Goals

I managed to hit all but one of my goals for April.  I never did get time to work on any of the cross-stitch projects I have started.  My history class this semester took a lot of time with all the reading we had to do each week.  I have a whole stack of magazines I have not even read, I only read two of my April magazines.  I wish I had gotten further with working in the yard but I traveled the last two weekends so that really cut into the time.  My plan was to spend a good bit of time in the yard this weekend but now it doesn't look like it will quit raining until Sunday.

I posted last week about the squat challenge.  If you missed it here it is.

I decided to go for it.  Though I am still scared for the days ahead when there are more than 150 squats in one day.

May Goals

* Complete the squat challenge.

* Hit the gym 4 days a week for some cardio.

* Take my lunch 4 days a week.

* Work on a cross-stitch project.

* Finish cleaning out my flower beds.  

I have not decided on a reward for May yet.  But I am excited about going to pick up another book for April.  I haven't even used my ITunes card I earned for March yet.  


  1. Wow- good luck with the squat challenge! I try to do 30 a few days a week and that nearly kills me. Ha. Your legs are going to look ah-maz-ing come April!


  2. I need to do this too. My inner thighs are my problem spot.