Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kudzu Debutantes

I am not sure where I heard about this book but I am glad  that I did.  It was one of the first books I requested from the library last week to start reading once my final was over.

The book takes place in Ithaca, Georgia and revolves around three ladies in their early forties, Eadie, Lavonne, and Nita.  These three ladies are married to a set of law partners.  And are going through a time dealing with their husbands.  Eadie's husband has finally left her for his young secretary, Lavonne is realizing being a stay at home mom with teenagers is not fulfilling, and Nita is dealing with a very controlling husband.  After the annual firms party and late night of drinking when Eadie has realized that Trevor is really not coming back this time.  Nita starts to looking at the photo album from the previous years men's hunting trips and the ladies notice that their are random pieces of women's clothing in the pictures and realize all these years that the men had been cheating on them.  They come up with a revenge plan that will take place while they are gone.

The town of Ithaca has become a place for executives to move to from Atlanta.  In response to the old guard not allowing many purple of the new people into their social circle and daughters presented as debutantes a  group gets together to start a group and decided to have their own debutante party and crown a Kudzu Queen each year.  Unlike a normal debutante the queen is a lady in her 40s and must pick for their escort must be at least 10 years younger.  And this year they have picked Lavonne as their queen.  Her husband demands that she decline and not ruin his reputation.

The books is a quick read and will make you laugh out loud.  I can't wait to read the second one in the series and hope their will be more to come in the series.

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