Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

I  spent part of my weekend in Huntsville at a small family reunion.  The main event happened Saturday morning when a historical marker was placed on an old family cemetery.  I am not going to lie I am not thrilled that the brother managed to get out of going.   I really know almost no one in my mother's family. 

 A set of pictures showing the cemetery a couple years ago before a clean up was done.

The ceremony started with a bag piper. 

John Houston and daughter Cathy.  John Houston is the last from my grandfather's generation.  He along with one of the youngest unveiled the marker but I missed a shot of that.

My mother with the marker.  

The family picked a pretty spot for the cemetery.  I didn't go walk through but they did say most of the graves do not have markers and most of the cairns have hardly anything or nothing left.  

The marker states that John C. Grayson assisted with the surveying of the area in 1807.  After the project was done he received choice lands in the area to settle.  After visiting this weakened I can see why my ancestors fell in love with this location and made it their home.  The only family burials happened between 1810 to 1876.  And during a Spanish Flue epidemic in 1918 the family opened it up to the community for some burials.  

Click the link below for a story from the ABC channel in Huntsville did on the cemetery.


  1. Oh that's so neat for your family! I actually love old cemeteries and the old markers. I love to think of the stories and lives they had.


  2. I know this may be weird, but hubby and I love to go and walk thru old family cemetaries. There is sooo much history in those places.

  3. I just now saw this! Woo, you are famous!!

  4. That marker is amazing. Very special place for your family.