Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Missing Sock

I usually sleep in socks during the cold weather.  And thanks to the shape of my headboard if my feet get hot I can pull them off and put them there.  This morning I woke up with only one sock on and the other one is missing.  So where is my sock?  I looked around the bed while I was making it and didn't see it.  Yes this will drive me crazy all day that it is missing.  Tonight's goal will be to find this sock.

I also have been having vivid dreams since I started taking melatonin or at least remembering my dreams for a change.  Last night I was dreaming I was a Kalinda (from The Good Wife) style investigator helping the Ewing clan find out who set them up with the rig explosion.  At least I can say that probably comes from catching up on episodes of Dallas last night.

Have y'all had any crazy dreams lately?

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  1. LOL! I cannot even take the 1mg melatonin - it is like a drug! I think I am so exhausted it just takes me down.