Monday, April 15, 2013

Get your workout on

I have been doing well on one goal this month and need to put in more time in on my other goals for April.   I pulled a workout off of Pinterest to try for the whole month.  I have been doing it at least three mornings a week and sometimes throwing in an extra set of everything but the planks.

I can tell I am getting stronger.   I have not seen a lot of changes yet but feel better that I am getting up and doing it.  The workout takes around 5 minutes to complete.  My goal is to do it at least four morning a week the next two weeks in hopes that I will get rid of more of my pouch before W's wedding.

I also found this workout in the March issue of Shape and decided to give it a try two nights this week at the gym.

I think it will keep away some of the boredom out of my workouts.  What are y'all doing for workouts this month?

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  1. Good for you, Ruth! I have started getting my act together this week. Pretty ridiculous I "backslid" this far. NONE, I repeat NONE of my shorts fit. :-(