Thursday, April 25, 2013

Relay for Life

I am no different from anyone else out there my life has been touched by cancer.  I have some very special people who are survivors and some that I have lost to this disease.  One of the biggest fundraisers each year for the American Cancer Society are the Relay for Life events that are held around the country.  The local one I participate in is being held on May 10th at Snowden Grove Park in Southaven.  I am looking forward to it.  

I have a goal of raising $100 for my team.  I would love to raise more than that.  I have spent part of my evening sending out an email to my friends and family for donations.  Yes I am procrastinating writing my paper.   If anyone would like to help me reach my goal please visit my page.

This year each team picked a holiday to decorate our site.  My team is doing St. Patrick's Day.  I stopped by JoAnn's on the way to class last night to pick  up one thing and found their St. Patrick's Day decoration on 70% sale.  So I picked up a few things to get our decorations going.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Multiples - Sweets

It is no secret I have a huge sweet tooth.  As a friend has pointed out she laughs sometimes when seeing my pins being a huge mixture of fitness routines and sweets.

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

I  spent part of my weekend in Huntsville at a small family reunion.  The main event happened Saturday morning when a historical marker was placed on an old family cemetery.  I am not going to lie I am not thrilled that the brother managed to get out of going.   I really know almost no one in my mother's family. 

 A set of pictures showing the cemetery a couple years ago before a clean up was done.

The ceremony started with a bag piper. 

John Houston and daughter Cathy.  John Houston is the last from my grandfather's generation.  He along with one of the youngest unveiled the marker but I missed a shot of that.

My mother with the marker.  

The family picked a pretty spot for the cemetery.  I didn't go walk through but they did say most of the graves do not have markers and most of the cairns have hardly anything or nothing left.  

The marker states that John C. Grayson assisted with the surveying of the area in 1807.  After the project was done he received choice lands in the area to settle.  After visiting this weakened I can see why my ancestors fell in love with this location and made it their home.  The only family burials happened between 1810 to 1876.  And during a Spanish Flue epidemic in 1918 the family opened it up to the community for some burials.  

Click the link below for a story from the ABC channel in Huntsville did on the cemetery.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Am I Crazy?

I saw this on Pinterest last week.  Is it crazy to even think about trying this workout plan?

I am not going to lie the days of squats close to 200 are a little scary.  Has anyone else seen this and thought about trying it?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book Review - Sweet Home Amy

My sweet friend Amy over at Sweet Home Amy published a book based on her blog.  Amy was sweet enough to send me a copy to read  a couple months ago and I had the chance to read it during my spring break.  Sadly I have not had time to sit down and write a review so I asked Amy to write up something about the book Sweet Home Amy The Dramatic Takes of a 20 Something Divorcee.

On February 9, 2009, I remember sitting down at my computer with my head in my hands, feeling utterly embarrassed and ashamed, and wondering what the heck to do next. I had hit rock bottom of the dating world. I was divorced, and officially had gone wild trying to get back "in the game". There was always one thing that made me feel better whenever I was down - writing. So I turned to the computer, and found blogging.

Fast forward a few years later and I've blogged about every dating disaster, dating success (yes there have been some!), cross country move (multiples of those), new job, and new friends. I quickly found a home in the blogging world, where my emotional rants and crazy dating tactics were completely acceptable.

About a year ago I decided to close down the blog, as I found myself living a pretty happy life. But a writer will always be a writer! Not only did I miss blogging (no worries - I'm back!), but I wanted to do something more. That's when my boyfriend said to me, "Why don't you write a book?"

So I collected my blog posts and went to work. Turns out I've had so much craziness happen in the past 4 years that one book wouldn't do. So I am turning Sweet Home Amy into a series. Book 1 was published on Amazon in November, as an e-book. The paperback became available through LuLu in December. (Links to both can be found on my website!)

Now, I am back to blogging, and currently am writing the second book. I live at the beach with my pretty amazing boyfriend (better known as Surfer), love playing guitar and baking, and have amazing friends who keep me grounded.

I hope that you enjoy my book! My goal is to make you laugh as you read about all the drama of a young Southern divorcee just trying to figure out life!

xoxo, Amy

You can go to Amazon to buy a copy of the book in a kindle version or here for a paperback version.  It is getting close to that time of the year to gather up books for your summer or beach reading.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Get your workout on

I have been doing well on one goal this month and need to put in more time in on my other goals for April.   I pulled a workout off of Pinterest to try for the whole month.  I have been doing it at least three mornings a week and sometimes throwing in an extra set of everything but the planks.

I can tell I am getting stronger.   I have not seen a lot of changes yet but feel better that I am getting up and doing it.  The workout takes around 5 minutes to complete.  My goal is to do it at least four morning a week the next two weeks in hopes that I will get rid of more of my pouch before W's wedding.

I also found this workout in the March issue of Shape and decided to give it a try two nights this week at the gym.

I think it will keep away some of the boredom out of my workouts.  What are y'all doing for workouts this month?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Best Bookstore

A couple weeks ago the morning radio program I listen to mentioned a survey from Publisher's Weekly  and their topped ranked bookstore in the US.  Being a fan of books and how much I enjoy wondering through a bookstore for something new to read.  And much to my delight it was a bookstore in my favorite city in the US.

Square Books in Oxford, MS.

It is always wonderful seeing places in Oxford named to a best list in America. Makes me feel so happy to see a place I love get recognized for the beautiful wonderful place it is. I love getting the chance to wonder the old store on the square.  It is a sweet place to browse.  And on a nice day don't forget to stop upstairs for some ice cream and go eat it on the balcony.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adventures in Jury Duty

I had my appearance for jury duty this week.  I still think it is weird we didn't report until Tuesday morning.  I am not going to lie I was excited about going especially since it was my first time.   The fact that it would mean at least one day S of being able to go to lunch together, a rare treat for us, didn't make it such a bad way to spend a day in my book.  So I happily appeared Tuesday morning to start the whole process and it didn't take long for me to realize the possibility of sitting on the jury was pretty high.  We were told when the judge came out to start the whole questioning process that 100 letters were sent out and 35 people showed up.   I am not going to lie I have always pictured that the list of questions would be asked to us one at a time but that was not the case for us they were done as a group.  There were two rounds of questioning and after the first round we went back in after a break and they let  6 or 7 people go.  By 11 I was sitting on a jury for an eminent domain case, I am just thankful it was for a civil case.  

A few things I learned about jury duty or happened

* During the first round of questioning an old man stood up and declared he has sleep apnea and if the case was boring he would fall asleep in the jury box.  Yes he was one let go the first round.  And he stood up twice to state that.

* That you shouldn't show up late to jury duty.  One lady came in almost 45 minutes late.  What saved her from being in to much trouble is she called to say she was running late because she was lost and the fact so few showed up.  Lesson don't be late for jury duty because your punishment could be sitting on a jury.  Or at least we teased her about that at one point.

*  The judge actually decides the amount of the fine for not showing up for jury duty.  I was standing near a guy who asked the bailiff during our break between questioning.  I always thought it was a set fine.  

*  Field trips mean you get to ride in the convict van.  Or at least we did as it was the only thing big enough in the county to take the whole jury to see the property in question.  And yes the judge did mention during our questioning that we would be going out to the property and Field Trip screamed out for me.  

* You always see pictures of jury rooms on TV and in movies and it is a big long table in a room.  We had a table that would hold six people and chairs around the room.  When we went back to deliberate it was hard to get a good spot for the evidence and all of us be able to see it.

*  We might have been the most unruly group of jurors ever.  They had to come into the jury room during breaks (aka they judge & lawyers were arguing over something) to tell us to keep it down.  And one time in the courtroom during a short meeting at the bench.  

* That eminent domain is a very boring subject.  At least one juror and defendant fell asleep at points of the trial.  And I am glad it only lasted two days.

* The chairs in the jury box are really hard.  Thankfully the judge allowed us to stand up anytime there was a change in witnesses or they were meeting at the bench.  

* I was one of the only people to bring anything to read while waiting around the first day.  I got through all but 5 pages of my history assignment this week Tuesday morning. 

* We weren't handed the case until Thursday morning so by the time we delivered the verdict it was just after twelve, which meant S and I got to do lunch for a third day in a row.  I feel really spoiled by getting so many lunches in one week with my bestie and not looking forward to going back to lunches at my desk and studying.  

It is back to work for me.  I feel so off schedule thanks to the late reporting times all week or at least compared to my work schedule and the fact I have not been at work since Monday.  I am not looking forward to the amount of emails waiting on my return.  I am glad to have my first jury duty under my belt and hope it is a while before I report for another one.   

Just some thoughts

**  I will have a teenager in my life starting Friday.  I can't believe my niece is hitting that milestone already.

** I am so excited we are finally having warm temperatures.  Time to break out the sandals this week.  

**  I really wish I had checked the gas tank on the grill.  I had my heart set on some Caribbean Chicken Kabobs for dinner Sunday night to only go out and find the tank was empty.

** I will sound crazy but I did enjoy being on jury duty this week.  And it wasn't just because I got to have lunch with S for three days this week.

**  I hate writing papers.  Doing those alone makes me regret deciding to go back to school.

**  I am looking forward to spending time with my girls for a mini girls weekend in a couple weeks.  I don't see these girls enough.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Multiples - Fitness

I am always looking for a good workout to try.  Especially one I can do at home with little or no equipment.

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest