Sunday, February 10, 2013

Places I Miss

Since S & I went to Oxford a couple weeks back for a ZTA alum meeting I have been missing a few places a lot.  Oxford has grown up a great deal since we were down there in school and I have to admit I hope it stops soon as it could start to lose some of that small town charm with all the chains moving into town.

The Gin
I couldn't find any pictures of the bar except from while it was burning down. So sad that the current students will miss out on penny pitcher nights, dancing on the tables, and dollar import night. This was also the bar where you could drink under age and it got them into trouble multiple times.

Who couldn't use a drive through beer store? Oxford doesn't sell cold beer so this was the place to go in the cold months to get beer. Now it is a donut shop and still has the drive through.

Downtown Grill

The Grill closed last spring and a new restaurant is there now.  I loved the food at The Grill but my favorite part was the enclosed balcony.  A perfect spot to sit enjoying a drink and the beautiful way Oxford Square is decorated for Christmas.  The new restaurant opened back up the balcony which is just weird looking.

What do y'all miss most about your college towns?

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  1. Isnt it so much fun to have all these neat places to visit they look so cool