Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

I had a can of Grands biscuits I needed to use before they expired.  I was going to make mini pizzas with them for dinner last night.  But then I got the bright idea to make mini deep dish pizzas.  So I pulled a few more things out of the fridge I had on hand.

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

1 can Grands biscuits (5)
ranch dressing
chopped chicken

Separate the biscuits into two halves and place in a muffin tin pushing up the sides.

While they are baking for 8 minutes mix together the salsa and ranch dressing.  Also chop up the chicken.  

What I didn't expect was that they would puff up so  much.  So I only had a few to put together and finish baking.

I did bake the rest of them for breakfast this morning.  

They might not have turned out exactly how I thought but they sure tasted good.


  1. What a cute and quick idea. I definitely need to make these. xx