Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dead End Job Mystery

I came across a series of books called the Dead End Job Mysteries.  There are ten total in the series at this point by Elaine Viets.

The stories are based around Helen who is on the run from the law.  Okay it is nothing serious she came home one day to find her dead beat husband in bed with a neighbor.  After catching them she took a crow bar to his Land Rover.  After that they filed for divorce and the judge split the assets and then awarded her husband half of her earnings for the rest of her career.  To keep him from getting to that she takes off from St. Louis and eventually makes it to South Florida living in the Coronado Apartments taking on dead end jobs and being paid off the books.
In the first book Shop Til You Drop, Helen is working at a high end exclusive dress shop when the general manager turns up dead.  Helen takes it upon herself to find out who the killer is because she thinks the detective is not concerned about the case.
The second book has Helen working at a bookstore when the owner is murdered.  The body turns up in her neighbor Peggy's bed while the apartment is being tented for termites.  Helen is determined to prove her friend did not commit the murder.
Helen's partners in finding the killer in both mysteries are her friend Sarah and land lady Margery.  The cast of characters is entertaining.  Margery is in her 70s and always dressed in purple.  She acts like a mother to most of the tenants at the Coronado.  Peggy is receptionist who owns a Pete the parrot (though the rules say no pets are allowed this is ignored by Margery).  Phil the pothead who lives next door and is never seen by Helen.  Cal the Canadian who doesn't have a nice thing to say about America yet spends half the year in Florida.
I have only read the first two in the series so far but they are cute with a touch of mystery.  Just what I need or will need when classes start back up.
What have y'all been reading lately?


  1. These sound like really good interesting books I am so behind on reading I need to get back in my routine and start back reading.

  2. Ooo, that sounds like a fun series! I am adding that to my to-read list!

  3. oh I've read of a few of this series, adorably light hearted! I just started Seating Arrangment by Maggie Shipstead and am loving it!