Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brain Jumble

*** I have figured out a way to save a bit of money. Go to Target between work & class so I don't have time to wonder and pick up stuff I don't need. Score one for the pocketbook.

*** I wish I had the money for a spring break trip. I never took one the first time in college.

*** I am still playing catch up on all my laundry and cleaning after a boil water alert. That really put a crimp on my long weekend plans. And it is crazy what you have to do after one of those ends.

*** This weather is insane. We are in the 70a again today and by Friday we will have a high in the 30s. I heard a chance of snow flurries yesterday predicted for the end of the week but it looks like that has been taken out.

*** I have to write three short papers in my history class this semester. It has been at least 12 years since I wrote a paper. I need a major refresher on how to document sources.


  1. I was always awful at documenting sources--and I am sure that it is completely different now.

  2. You could ask Madeline! She's writing papers that require bibliographies and documenting sources. Good for you on managing your spending, though! I find it hard at times. Y'all are having such crazy weather right now. I thought ours was mad with the warm/cold snaps, but yours is much more extreme. Take care, sweetie, and have a good day! Love, Moi

  3. Boil water alert? What the heck is going on there? Good job on saving money by being quick in Target. I need to just avoid $1 bins and I'd be good. Wish I could remember how I busted out so many 20 page papers in one night and manged to receive A's on most of them.