Friday, November 30, 2012

A little fun

Since my family is coming to my house for Christmas there are quite a few calls going back and forth for about gifts. As in what I need you to go buy so we don't have to bring it with us. They seem to forget I have a job and some days call at least three times while I am at work. So I decided to have a little fun with my mother's from daddy. She is already stressing me about how much he spent. I told her from $160 to $500. I let daddy in on it so he wrote $4,000 in the checkbook for the amount of the check he sent me. She is more nosy about gifts than my brother or I ever thought to be. So yes being the smarta**es we are we are having fun. So I added to it when I wrapping tonight.

I wrapped the gift and noticed there was a box it fits in.  

And a second one.

                                           Well I had nothing else to put in this one really big box

Christmas morning will be fun.  She is either going to be totally irritated by this or thinking she is getting jewelry by the last box.  


  1. Hee! We do the same thing with my stepdad each year. This year, I am wrapping his Home Depot gift card in small to giant gift bags. :D

  2. I think that's hilarious! Please, Ruth, please don't forget to video tape the entire thing. I can't wait to hear all about how Mother reacts to it.

    Love you! Moi

  3. ha ha ha. I love this. so going to do this to a few presents this year.

  4. You are too funny!!! I love that your Mom is a snoop - HA!
    As for the stockings, could you hang them all, alternating colors? As Clinton and Stacy say, they don't have to "match" they just have to "go". ;)