Thursday, October 25, 2012

Water Tower Festival

I spent last weekend hanging out at the Water Tower Festival.  Okay I was actually volunteering with it.  My friend M who stayed Friday night and I were dealing with beer and ice sales.  I came home both nights smelling full of BBQ smoke as we spent most of our time back in the area where the teams were located.

Friday night there were three local music acts along with the first rounds of the BBQ competition.

We used one of the law offices on the square as an office over the weekend.  I thought this sign was to funny.

Saturday afternoon there was an arts & crafts show, car show and a kids area.

I thought this was pretty cute setting the dolls up.  A female one was sitting in the passenger seat.

I didn't get a great shot of this yard sign but it says the official bear hunter.

S had two little helpers driving her around for a bit.

BBQ teams lining up to find out the winners.  

I only had my IPhone so I couldn't get a good picture of Craig Morgan Saturday night.