Friday, October 5, 2012

October Goals

September flew by and with it any chance of hitting the goals I set.  I did manage to get in several workouts that totalled up to 250 minutes according to Sparkpeople.  So I guess I didn't do shabby with that goal especially considering I went on vacation last month.

October Goals

**  Three 30 minute cardio workouts a week

** Two strength workouts a week

** Crafting for a hour a week.  

**  Study for 30 minutes a day.

**  Start on Christmas shopping

**  Put out a few Halloween decorations.

What are  your goals for October?


  1. Christmas shopping, already? Okay, I admit that I picked up one Christmas gift this week. :D

    My goal is to stay within budget for the month. It is not looking good.

  2. October as many pumpkin filled/flavored items possible!!

  3. Good job on workouts. I like the idea of starting christmas shopping. My goal is to have a healthy baby girl-that's all.

  4. Great goals for October. You`ll have to share what you craft up! xo

  5. I have no goals! I have every intention of resting up from all of my summer work that I did, in other words, I am going into hybernation!