Sunday, October 14, 2012

Homecoming Weekend

Yesterday Ole Miss celebrated Homecoming by playing Auburn.  I have always wondered what the person is thinking when they pick the homecoming opponent and decide on another SEC team.  Because as we all know you never know what is going to happen when two SEC teams play each other.  But if they had to pick a year for us to play Auburn this was the year. (Sorry Auburn fans)


I didn't get to Oxford early enough to catch the Walk of Champions but I did get to see a bit of the band pep rally on the stage.

R and I in the stadium.  

Just a play during the game.  

My IPhone camera isn't the best.  But that scoreboard says Ole Miss 41 Auburn 20.  The Rebels broke their 2 year streak of no SEC wins.  So prefect that it happened on Homecoming.

A group of friends hanging out in the Grove.  

And the best part was celebrating the win with Beth's dad in the Grove.  Sadly her mother was at the condo and I missed seeing her.  

Vince Gil did the Are you Ready?  before the game started.  I still think that was a random choice.  Can't we find a famous alum to schedule for Homecoming or have the team and coaches do it?


  1. You had a wonderful time~I can tell! I'm so glad you had a good time, that we kicked Auburn's tail, and most especially that you saw my Daddy! Miss you both!

    Love, moi

  2. This looks like a ton of fun! I hope to go to a tailgate at the Grove one day!

  3. Oh my gosh, how fun! I love, love, love game days in the SEC--there's truly nothing like them!

  4. I was cheering for you this weekend! (It helps that I am an UA fan!) So glad y'all had fun!

  5. RUTH!!! You look so beautiful. What a game - wow! Looks, as always, like y'all had a fabulous tailgate and day on the gorgeous Grove. Ah, I'm so jealous. I bet Homecoming there is incredible. Thanks so much for linking up today too, doll ;)