Friday, September 28, 2012

Walk of Fame

Saturday we headed out on a whole load of adventures.  The last of which was exploring several blocks of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.   Before leaving the grove shopping area Beth and Ian figured out the best place to park.  Which we found an empty lot about two blocks south of Hollywood & Vine.  We didn't have a specific star in mind to see and knew we would find one somewhere that we were happy with.  It ended up being a perfect spot.  We found a lot of our favorite stars and for a couple more than one of their stars.  Poor Maddy couldn't figure out why we were so excited over any of them and was really happy to see a few she knew.  It was perfect timing in the day as Jaxs slept through our tour and squealing in delight.

Poor Rodney he can't get any respect anywhere.  A chunk of his name is missing.

We had to explain to Maddy about the first sex symbol.

Oh sweet Audrey

And how could I not get a shot of his star after seeing him less than an hour earlier. 

Anytime I think of Jackie I think of him saying "Sum Bitch" in Smokey and the Bandit.  Or at least that is how it sounds.

The famous round Capital records building.

Patsy Cline

One of my fave southern ladies.  And one of the three names Maddy recognized.

One of my fave comedians

I wasn't lying the kiddo was napping.

Her Highness Princess Grace

The Killer

Miyagi son

My mother had an uncle who was special and loved Roy Rogers.  He even went to go as far as telling my grandparents when Nanny was pregnant with my uncle they were going to name him Roy Rogers.  They didn't but named him after my  great grandfather but that sure didn't stop Uncle Jack from calling him Roy half the time.  

And the best show of the Hollywood sign I could get.


  1. So much fun! I've always wanted to see the stars.

  2. Did you hear that Reese named her new baby, Tennessee? I love our shared home state too but not enough to name a kid after it!

  3. How fun! Though I must admit I only know who a few of those people are. I am the worst at knowing celebs/movie stars.


  4. I have been so behind in reading that I didn't even know you were in California. I'm all caught up now on all your posts. Looks like you had a great time.