Monday, September 10, 2012

Seven Years

So while I was at work today I realized I have had Belle in my life for 7 years. It sure doesn't seem that long ago that I brought her and Bear (the parents pup) home. And yes my lack of patience really showed as S can tell you there were a couple moments of I can't deal I am just going to open the door and let them run.

I had both with me for 2 weeks. I will never do that again on my own. Belle has a blue color and Bear's is red. At this point the only way you could tell them apart without picking them up.

One of her favorite past times is napping. She is using my flute case for a pillow.

Belle has always been a sloppy drinker but at one point she would lay in the bowl to drink. I managed to catch it one time on camera.

It might have taken 2 years but I finally got her a fenced in yard.

Still great playmates when we go to the parents.

H is also a favorite playmate.

Belle enjoys when G comes to play too.
So far she really hasn't has both boys here at the same time. 

Today I ran out and picked up a new toy and her favorite chocolate chip cookie treats.


  1. What a cute little pup and how sweet you bought her a toy and treat for her birthday!

  2. She is so sweet! I did not know that you were a fellow flutist?! Floutist? I have never been sure what the correct terminology is for that!

  3. How sweet!! Happy birthday sweet doggie!

  4. Love these! She seems so sweet. We've had our dog, Abby, for a year & its scary how fast that flew!