Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello Hollywood

My first glimpse of LA as we were leaving LAX.

A great view of the mountains while waiting in the carpool line at Maddy's school.

Beth & I headed out for a girls night on the town.

Watched Jaxs play on the playground before school.

Try on a costume.  

If you watched the Great Food Truck race on the Food Network.  This is the Nom Nom truck that competed a year or two ago.

Maddy & Jaxs playing while waiting on our food.

I had the best chicken gyro I have had in a long time off one of the trucks.  It was such a fun way to enjoy dinner and a fundraiser for one of the local schools.  Beth & kiddos let me enjoy some of the sweet potato bites off of the sliders truck.  They were to die for but I swear there was no sweet potatoes involved.

I didn't get any pictures but Wednesday Jaxs had a blast playing in my makeup.  Thankfully his father was amused and not wanting to kill me.  He did look a bit like Alice Cooper at one point.


  1. Isn't LA fun? Love visiting my friends there! That taco truck sounds yummy with sweet potato bites and gyros!

  2. It looks like you had so much fun! Of course, anything involving a food truck is fun, in my opinion.

  3. How fun! Sounds like you had a fabulous trip!! I am obsessed with the Great Food Truck Race- love that show!


  4. Love the palm trees! Cooper was Capt. America when he was LilJ's age.

  5. I love going home to visit but I don't miss the L.A. traffic. I've become completely spoiled and now complain if I have to wait an extra 5 minutes, LOL. Looks like you had an awesome trip.

    P.S.I love Alice Cooper! :)