Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Thoughts

** Directv is tempting me back with the NFL ticket included. I don't get to watch enough Bears games.

** We are under a month until football season kicks off. Hotty Toddy!!!

** I really hate seeing political ads during the Olympics. Can't they take a break for two weeks?

** I need some new tunes for my iPod. I am hoping that will get me motivated. Any suggestions?

** I really wish NBC would show all of the gymnastic events at one time instead of parts. I hate missing any of it. And I know I didn't see the men perform on the rings yet. That event always leaves me in awe

** There are some hotties in men's swimming. And why don't they wear the speedos anymore?


  1. Well I live in NY so we don't get a ton of political ads compared to other areas that are up for grabs. Yay for a state that always votes the same way! No one really spends money to fight for us. It's a thing of beauty! But I do wish they would change up the commercials a bit. I have them all memorized. Ha- I've watched a LOT of TV this week.

  2. There are some hotties in swimming. That is for sure.

  3. I am SO ready for football season, our first home game is Sept. 1 and it can't get here soon enough! And I am so mad about gymnastics, I keep missing the events I want to see because they are so spaced out :(

  4. So close to football season! And men's swimming? Yum.

  5. I cannot wait for football season. I hate the fact that they only show select gymnastics parts. My favorite event is gymnastics and it was just a bummer to only see maybe an hour of it. xo

  6. Yay for football almost being here.