Thursday, August 23, 2012

Counting Down

I am so ready for football season. We have nine days until the Rebels kick off their new season. And this little gem will make it more fun.

I stopped by Dillard's when I got off work for some make up.  Wrong day to go.  I walked into a huge sale in every department.  There are a couple pair of shoes I might need to go back for too.


  1. Love it girl and it is so perfect for those Rebels games ahead. No matter when I go I can always find somethng in Dillards its my go to store

  2. Nice find. We are gearing up around here also. Hubby gives me the daily countdown after he kisses me goodnight.

  3. Perfect for football season (my favorite season)!


  4. Perrrrfect for Ole Miss games. I love it! I found a blue dress over the summer but I'm still on the hunt for a red cardi. Hotty Toddy!!!