Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Magazines - BHG

I don't think it is any secret I love magazines.  Something about those shiny pages with great ideas.  My grandmothers and mother always had them around the house and yes pretty much the same subscriptions.  And now I get most of those too.

One that I always remember seeing around was Better Homes and Garden or BHG.   Granted there are a lot of the gardening articles that I skip.  Let's face it I don't have much skills there and I am scared of disappointment to even try some of those ideas.
What I do love is the decorating ideas.  And one of my favorite pieces in the magazine is the color tips.  Every month they highlight different colors or color combinations and how to use them when decorating.  I have no clue how to pull rooms together so they don't look horrible so I have kept everyone of them.  I love that they show you which colors are best for the whole wall or small accents.  You don't have to use these just for paint but how to pull a room together, at least in my humble opinion.

When I saw this one my first thought was the 1970s are back.

My favorites involve the blues.

I love when they do the colors around a theme.  

See I do keep them all.  I am not a fan of the color yellow. But even these have me thinking they wouldn't be a bad idea.

As much as I love the ones involving one color when they show multiple ones and how they pull together in a room.  


  1. I love magazines and BHG is a good one. I need to subscribe. I love that first color combo!

  2. BHG is a great mag~and I love how they use a palate to pull a room together as well. Goodness knows it's the neutrals we love, but seeing how they make colors work gives me a boost of confidence when it comes to decorating. Love you Ruth~have a great week!