Sunday, July 1, 2012


How have 6 months of 2012 already gone by.  Really 2012 I need you to slow down.  I feel like I have not accomplished a thing this year.  I have totally gotten off track with my fitness and health goals.  Not to mention my lofty goal of spring cleaning one room a month.
The last month and a half I have been terrible about working out.  It has been hit or miss but when I have it has been weights.  Eating has been okay and it probably was helped with I have not had much of an appetite recently.
UGABamaBelle and I were talking about it and decided to both start over in July with baby steps.  So this weeks goal is to get in three cardio workouts.  For me I also want to work on getting in 8 glasses of water a day.  I have been slacking on that most days and with the heat already here to stay it will be good to get in more water.  My first eating goal is to go back to eating out at tops once a week and buy better snack foods.

I also am going to do a workout tap twice a week.

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

I am not sure if I will survive Jillian more than twice a week.  Her workouts are killer.

I am also going to work on getting a good schedule together for cleaning the house.  If I can get into that in the next month or two it will make life easier when I head back to school in the fall.


  1. Girl, tell me about it. I just got back from the beach, and I swore this year was the year of the two piece for me. Ya, not so much! Hey, I'm feeling confident about 2013. I better start now. :)

  2. Good luck! You can do it. Jillian helped me lose 23 lbs last winter. I was able to do video 5x a week during lunch at work. Go girl!

  3. Hi Ruth! You be careful with the work-outs in this heat girl! My walking partner and I are going to do the Atkins thing for one month just to drop a quick 10 lbs. I need to do more than that, but if I could just drop 10 lbs I would be ok with it.
    What are you going back to school to do? I'm nosy. I went back a few years ago in order to get away from nursing, and I enjoyed it, silly I know, lol, because most people don't enjoy school.

  4. I agree with just about everything!!! Drinking water, lunches, and snacks are so tough for me! And I'm bored snacker/eater. Not good.

    And my cleaning schedule...well, at least my house doesn't look like a pig sty..ha

  5. I made it through about half of the 30 Day Shred one time and haven't picked Jillian back up since. She scares me. I really need to work on my water and snacking, too. And eating out. I am the worst to be running late in the morning and just forego packing a lunch by saying I'll grab something quick. Not good.

  6. I LOVE Jillian and did the 30 day shred in March...every single day. The first seven days were the hardest as far as being sore but after that I moved up to level 2 and then 3 quickly. (Some moves on 3 I modified like the jumping knees could not handle it.)

    They are killer but within two weeks I started seeing awesome results. I bought 6 week six pack but have yet to take the plunge cause I'm kinda scared :)