Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Recap

How are we already down seven months of 2012? I totally blew the goal of doing Jillian's kettle bell DVD twice a week. It never came out of the case. I really need to get it together for August.
But I did hit my goal of three 30 minute cardio workouts each week. I actually logged 508 minutes on Sparkpeople for the month. Way to go me!!
I also hit my goal of drinking eight glasses of water a day. And most days I managed to exceed it. Not so great with logging my food each day but did so okay with eating better.
Every little bit will count in the end. I don't see a whole lot of changes at this point. But I know I have taken a big step back on the road to being healthier and getting my weight back down.
Did y'all hit any goals that were set for July?


  1. Did I hit my goals? That's a big, fat NO. But it's a new month and time to kick it in gear.